Tacta E "SaBye D" 17 Extended Layout (6 Bottom + 11 Top) with 2 Steel Helmets and Case
Tacta E "SaBye D" 17 Extended Layout (6 Bottom + 11 Top) with 2 Steel Helmets and Case

Tacta E "SaBye D" 17 Extended Layout (6 Bottom + 11 Top) with 2 Steel Helmets and Case

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(B C#) E (F# G#) A B C# D# E F# G# (A) B (C#) D# E - Stainless Steel 

Bag and 2 protective steel helmets included

Each handcrafted Tacta is a one-of-a-kind. The images and video shown are for reference only and the instrument you receive may differ slightly in color, sound, and design. These instrument ships directly from the Tacta workshop in 7-10 days.  

We currently only ship within the USA. Please contact us if you are interested in International shipping

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Peter was a pleasure to work with! He helped me decide on what custom handpan would best fit my desires for self expression. He was super easy to work with and generous with his time in helping me find the perfect instrument. I would recommend his handpan genius knowledge to anyone interested in the art!

Ryan McArdle

I just bought my first hand pan from Peter Levitov and had a wonderful experience! He spent time initially through a Zoom meeting so I could choose my instrument and kept in contact with me all along the way until my hand pan arrived safely. He even sent two CDs of his music with the instrument. Then I had a great first lesson and received a video recording of the lesson. Peter has been great to work with and I look forward to taking more lessons from him in the future!

Allison White

Peter's love for handpans is infectious as his laughter. He enjoys helping connect people to the right instrument. His teaching style is open and flexible. He's able to instruct seasoned musicians to beginners and everyone in between. If you are looking to add a healing instrument in your life or looking for some instructions or tips on playing, Peter is your handpan guy.

Vijay Subramanian

Peter is a handpan wizard and a good hearted authentic person. I felt very comfortable and peaceful at his cozy home studio when I went to check out his selection of handpans. He was infinitely patient with me while I was choosing an instrument and happy to answer all my questions and concerns. I returned a few weeks later for a lesson and was very pleased with the progress I made and info I absorbed in one 2 hour lesson. Looking forward to my next lesson.

Guy Robinson

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent experience purchasing a new handpan at Peter's studio! He welcomed my family into his space and was quite hospitable making us all feel relaxed and comfortable. He really took his time, giving me a lot of good information and making sure I didn't leave with any unanswered questions. I had heard great things about him beforehand from other members of the Florida handpan community, and our meeting only confirmed that I will definitely plan to take some actual lessons from him. I left with a beautiful handpan which I have been playing for a few days now and I'm in love with! Thank you so much, Peter🙏

Alethea Searcy

Discovering the handpan might just change your life, It did mine! If you are interested in learning to play handpan and investing in an instrument, you MUST contact Peter Levitov. Peter has a wealth of experience and many contacts in the handpan community and helped me to discern the quality of an instrument and find what fits me. In addition, I have found Peter to be an amazing teacher who has helped me go deeper into the music no matter what it is I am playing. I am a better musician for having spent time with Peter and Handpan360. I have found my time with Handpan360 to be so much more than just learning technique. It is an experience that has enriched all of my life and those I touch. If you decide to take a dive or even just a dip into Handpan360, you won’t regret it!

Mark Burlingame

My experience working with the artist and instrument was unique and amazing! I highly recommend anyone looking to learn a beautiful skill to give these professionals a try! It will completely CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Kadeen McBride

Working with Peter has been such a blessing and for the few days we have been working together I feel that just by his presence I get a musical transmission worth of years of teachings. He formulates a magical way to teach in order for me to feel challenged and motivated. His humble patience and attention to the needs for me to grow as a musician are his strongest points in my experience. I feel he is always looking for ways to grow and learn as a teacher and spiritual being that spills in all his work. As a dear friend and teacher I cannot wait to continue learning and expanding from him. If you are someone looking to learn the Wizardly of Handpan, look no further. This classes are a Gem and not only music you will learn but secrets that cannot be reveled until you have opened your heart and accepted the challenge to grow. With deep gratitude🙏

Indigo Koto

Mr. Levitov was the teacher to unlock my musical voice. He helped me to meet Music on her terms and learn to speak her language. By following Peter's lessons, I was able to watch my brain and how it functioned change right before (OK, actually behind) my eyes. The wisdom gained from Music doesn't stop with music, it has affected my entire life.

Ben von Harz

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